Foreword by Rupert Sheldrake
Introduction [view as PDF]
1: Origins of the Debate
2: The Modern Critics
3: The Historical Evidence
Part 1
Is there Conclusive Experimental Evidence for Psi?
4: The Early Years
5: Psychokinesis: mind over matter
6: Telepathy: silent communication
7: The Great Ganzfeld Debate
8: The Research of the Skeptics
Part II
Would the Existence of Psi Contradict Established Science?
9: The Roots of Disbelief
10: Modern Science versus Classical Science
11: The 'Extraordinary Claims' of Parapsychology
12: Psi and Physics
13: Towards a New World View

Part III

Is Parapsychology a Science?

14: The Impoverished State of Skepticism
15: The Nature of Science
16: The Scientific Status of Parapsychology
17: Hume's Argument Revisited
18: Paradigms and Parapsychology


Chapter Notes
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