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Today, in the world of science, nothing is more controversial than parapsychology
The battle over the subject matter of parapsychology has been raging for centuries. It has been carried on in scientific academies, courtrooms, academic journals, newspapers and radio stations.

The story of parapsychology’s struggle for legitimacy is an epic tale, containing victories, sudden reversals, intrigue, scandals, heated arguments, wild accusations, ruined reputations and some of the most bizarre characters that have ever walked the earth.
  • But why is parapsychology so controversial?
  • Why has the controversy lasted centuries?
  • And are we capable, at long last, of rationally resolving the issue?
Science and Psychic Phenomena is a critical examination of the arguments of the skeptics. Starting with the history of the controversy, dating back to the scientific revolution of the 17th century, this book reappraises the controversy in light of 20th and 21st century scientific and philosophic developments.

Highly readable and immensely entertaining, the book also provides the reader with some striking anecdotal case studies. Upon finishing this book, the reader will understand the startling nature of the ‘holy war’ that has been fought for three centuries by opponents and proponents of the paranormal.

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